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What would the world be like without movies? Well the quick answer would be, a lot less entertaining. As that would mean we have lost the ultimate source of entertainment which mankind has ever created which causes us to feel all emotions at an increased level without actually going anywhere. Movies make us laugh, cry, jump with joy and grab the nearest pillow in fear which if we were all being honest would have to admit to missing if it wasn't there (that of course being movies). Least to say we all have our favourite movie, our favourite actors/actresses and of course the least spoken of production companies.
Raindance Film Festival * San Francisco International Film Festival * Melbourne International Film Festival
Berlin International Film Festival * Hong Kong International Film Festival * Festival d'Animation Annecy * Sundance Film Festival
Toronto Film Festival * Filmfestival in Cannes * Venedig Film Festivals
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Ettore Montanaro
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